This section should demonstrate several common tasks which can be done in XiMpLe with a minimal effort.
For more information please see the user's guide which is available in the section download.

Example 1. Copy texts from a simple xml table to Excel
Example 2. Adding new rows prepared in Excel to the XML table
Example 3. Copy a part of an xml document to some other place
Example 4. Manipulate data nested inside a structure
Example 5. Create a table from csv file
Example 6. Remove table rows matching some criteria
Example 7. Split a bigger xml file then join fragments together

1. Copy texts from a simple xml table to Excel

Let’s have some table with no nested elements inside (we will call such table a simple table). It can look like this:
A simple table from which we want to copy cells

We can select the whole table (or some area inside a table, columns or rows) and copy it to clipboard...
Copy data using the context menu

...then paste in Excel or in a text editor.
Pasted data to excel sheet

If we need we can additionally add the column head names as well (by a command Copy Column Headings which copies headings of selected columns):
Pasted column headings additionally