01.06.2021 - version 1.4.2106.2855

Bugs fixed:
  - Fix a crash in compare mode when merging table row which contains novalue in the column which is not in the second table
  - Avoid crash when program is minimized and then tries to reload a new content of the meanwhile changed file
  - Don't touch 'new line' characters (CR, LF) when pasting as a value
  - The json number started with 0.0 was not recognized (shame)

15.04.2021 - version 1.4.2104.31105

  - Determine a correct order of table columns for a new table
  - Functionality 'Order Elements according Columns' in a context menu for table rows
  - Mark by sign '×' rows in which attributes/elements are not in table column order
  - Copy path to clipboard functionality in a context menu for file
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - When xml in utf-8 without BOM was edited in grid view and switched back to text it crashed (bad bug)
  - Several issues in moving columns (e.g. if column contained table then only the first row was moved in xml structure)
  - Error if function Find jumped and opened a collapsed cell which contains very long text

14.03.2021 - version 1.4.2103.28818

  - In text editor Tab/Backspace inserts/deletes spaces at the beginning of (more than one) selected rows
  - Rearranged general settings window and added two new options for text editor - tab width and replace tab by spaces
  - Published the hidden shortcut Ctrl+R for rebuilding tables and refreshing grid
  - Resetting general settings' properties now don't delete history of files and search strings
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Function 'Replace All' in text editor crashed if cursor was outside the current screen
  - When some text was deleted from the search or replace listbox the change didn't persist
  - Files in utf-8 without BOM was saved as utf-8 with BOM (broken already in version 1.1)
  - Some combinations of coordinations of the main window position could lead to disappearing it (placed outside desktop)
  - Wrong calculation of line position when moving horizontal scroll bar and some tab characters were at the beginning

06.03.2021 - version 1.4.2103.12943

  - Support for JSON files
  - Changing a question dialog when closing if some file(s) are not saved - now a dialog for saving appears
  - Allow pasting xml over root element
  - Slightly modified a template for a new empty xml file (added a root's child element and spaces)
  - In xml while editing a cell value Ctrl+A selects whole text
  - Slightly improved xml comparing when table contains in columns complex elements
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Text comparing wasn't updated if switched to xml, change something there and switch back to text (nasty)
  - Selected an attribute together with a table and then copy caused that only the attribute and the first row of the table was copied
  - In xml comparing it could happen that inserted element was pointed before attributes which is wrong
  - An issue with inline differences in text comparing

06.02.2021 - version 1.3.2102.12608

  - A possibility to turn on/off independent selection for xml comparison
  - In compare mode don't jump to first difference when reloading file
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Button "Next difference" for xml comparison were wrongly enabled for the last difference when it was a table row
  - In compare mode an additional informative line for inserting was drawing sometime although there was no element for inserting to the position (only cosmetic issue, not affected any functionality)
  - Fixed an issue in 'Paste Column Headings' for characters which form surrogate pair
  - Better xml element's name validation testing when multiple colon character is in the name
  - Two or more newly created text files on the same comparing side confused comparing routine and comparing were not done
  - For a file shorter than 1kB without BOM a wrong encoding detection was used
  - When file is reloaded and it has less rows than page height, set correctly last row
  - Crash during startup when decimal point is set to comma in region options (so sad...)

25.11.2020 - version 1.3.2011.51036

Bugs fixed:
  - When pasting longer text with empty last line at the end of the file in the text editor sometimes there was an (not serious) error

19.11.2020 - version 1.3.2011.38978

Bugs fixed:
  - After Base64 conversion cells' heights were not refreshed properly
  - After merging different value(s) update correctly information about first and last difference
  - A crash for comparing two same xml files (omg)

15.11.2020 - version 1.3.2011.31028

  - In xml editor convert values from/to Base64 text(s)
  - Freedom for wildcards! Removed all restrictions for wildcards in search versus replace field
  - A wildcard '%' used for lookup table replacement can be now used also without lookup table for normal replacement
  - Improved text comparing algorithm to get a better solution for some cases
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Serious bug fixed - 'replace all' in text editor by wildcards in replace field in a bigger file (>5MB) was wrong! Update to the latest version is recommended.
  - In text compare when going to previous difference sometimes it scrolled up outside the focused difference
  - Pasting simple texts over multiple namespaces' values was done only partially

8.11.2020 - version 1.3.2011.16890

  - New feature text and xml comparing and merging
  - Selected end line is now only a half space width in text editor
  - Improved displaying of selected text in text editor (selection doesn't overwrite boundary letters)
  - When auto-adapting columns' widths in xml grid the width of one column is limited to 80% of a table width
  - Reworked routine for deleting table rows for a better performance
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Paste text over namespace cell didn't refresh screen properly
  - After sub-table were modified and closed sometimes empty values were wrongly interpreted as no values
  - Pasting xml as the first row in a table was pasted as the second row
  - Bug when inserting/pasting row in a table when table parent has a namespace but table rows not
  - When closing with maximized window this was not maximized again next time
  - Copy xml of a whole table could lead to infinite loop
  - Bug in text editor when inserted text at the end and then delete all text and then do undo

14.12.2019 - version 1.2.1912.29182

  - Mark the end of line in text editor when it's selected
Bugs fixed:
  - Copy selected text (in text editor) fails in some cases
  - Paste empty lines ended with LF only (unix) dosen't work properly
  - Nonsensical character entity can crash application

7.12.2019 - version 1.2.1912.14880

  - XiMpLe is now available also for .NET Framework 4.0 which should be more comfortable for Win 10 and Win 8 users
Bugs fixed:
  - Create a new text file and fill it with valid xml data then switching to xml fails for the first time

1.12.2019 - version 1.2.1912.2511

  - Context menu in text editor
  - Display number of selected rows and columns in xml editor
  - Extend editing size of one xml cell from 32kB to 128kB
Bugs fixed:
  - Replace with wildcards while using a backslash for masking some special character fails
  - Replace function with empty replace string does nothing in text editor
  - Text editor doesn't display the last line if it's empty or it contains only one character (it's a shame)

13.11.2019 - version 1.2.1911.27191

  - Support for column(s) moving (via a context menu or by a keyboard shortcut)
  - Added a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Del) for removing selected column(s)
  - Subtle changes in main window looking
  - Decreased a minimal window size
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Mouse cursor flickering when moving over a table heading
  - Select a column properly after column removing action
  - After editing and saving a text file bigger than 100MB the content of the file was broken up if saved again

29.10.2019 - version 1.2.1910.59087

  - Cosmetic change in position and size of a subtable window
Bugs fixed:
  - Dirty flag in text editor when undo/redo is used
  - Internal ordering when paste xml over a cell (didn't affect results)
  - Renaming a table which contains only attributes lost all attributes (bad bug)
  - Inserting a table sometimes did nothing

20.10.2019 - version 1.2.1910.40964

  - Ordered a mess in pasting data or inserting element/table without namespace into namespaced/prefixed area - a default empty namespace or default prefixed namespace was created
Bugs fixed:
  - Overwriting xml data in the cell adjoining the attribute could fail

17.10.2019 - version 1.2.1910.35130

  - A little improvement in behaviour for wildcards '*' and '%' when used with 'Start with' or 'Entire cell' options
  - When a subtable is opened adapt all column widths
Bugs fixed:
  - Crash when last column was removed and the table was collapsed
  - Function "collapse/expand level" sometimes ended with error
  - Crash when pasting data on top of the table - that was a skeleton in the closet
  - Error in lookup table when search and replace wildcards were not consistent
  - Inconspicuous issue when inserting a new table

12.10.2019 - version 1.2.1910.25177

  - A new command 'Open containing folder' in the menu
  - Checking a new version button in the About dialog
  - Behaviour of pasting xml data over selected table area cells - if for all element and attribute names in clipboard's xml data there exist same names in the selected area the appropriate columns will be used (more details can be found in a documentation)
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - When more instances are opened don't lose information about recent opened files and used strings for search/replace
  - Minor issue painting selected row cell
  - When pasting xml data over cell or cells area it sometimes happened that some cells were not deleted (completely) and the content was merged
  - After collapsing cell the selected area was calculated wrong in some cases
  - Pasting a special text into empty cell freezed the editor (ugly)
  - In a text editor a shortcut ctrl + left didn't work properly sometime
  - Set correct selection start after 'goto line' command in text editor
  - Undo in text editor failed sometime
  - Mouse wheel inside the edit cell which contains only CR sign (without LF) raises an error

29.09.2019 - version 1.2.1909.58728

  - Completely reworked a text editor
   - new features: undo/redo supported, long lines supported, find/replace in selected area, performance improvement
  - New functionality 'Number modifiers' for replacing using a wildcard number sign '#'
  - Extended behaviour of Alt+Up/Down in a table
   - if (and only if) no different value type is found in the column then try to find the first different value (for example in a column full of false/true values)
  - New empty text file can be created from the File menu
  - Open multiple files at once support
  - Make the find/replace dialog resizable in width
  - Improved a little bit the behaviour of combo boxes with lastly used strings in find/replace dialogs
  - Searching in selected area (in xml) should be faster now
  - Searching when wildcard checkbox is used but no wildcards are used in the string should be faster now
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Deleting table rows which overlap one page sometimes didn't return the screen to the top of selected area
  - Find & replace in the namespace cell failed sometime
  - Find & replace in the column head failed sometime
  - Repaint issue in a very special case (cells were not repaint)
  - Wrong tooltip filename for a file which was 'saved as'

16.05.2019 - version 1.1.1905.33072

Bugs fixed:
  - Writing over a cell swapped the position of the first character

09.05.2019 - version 1.1.1905.19099

Bugs fixed:
  - Settings > Data and Table was not accessible due to a bug. And nobody complained...

04.04.2019 - version 1.1.1904.9096

  - Removed default .xml extension for Save As...
  - Don't highlight url in text editor
Bugs fixed:
  - Store correct search/replace string when it contains special characters \t,\r,\n
  - Fix 'replace all' functionality in text editor when a wildcard is used only in searching field
  - Replace function didn't find all instances when replacing shorter string by a longer one
  - Refresh cell after editing if the height of the cell has increased

23.02.2019 - version 1.1.1902.47008

  - XML splitter
  - XML joiner
  - Display and edit document type element
  - Remember and suggest recent strings used for searching and replacing
  - Files' tabs are dragable
  - Check invalid characters in detected encoding when loading xml file
  - Checkbox for using wildcards in replace in text mode was removed; now it's derived from the wildcards for searching
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Character size counting for invalid character in the text editor
  - Bug in UTF-32 big endian encoding
  - Several bugs with entities

03.01.2019 - version 1.0.1901.7140

  - Find and Modify function
  - New general setting 'Automatically adapt columns after expand/collapse'
  - When merging two columns the empty cells in the merged column are removed
  - Comment value is now considered also as value when searching
  - Checkbox for using wildcards in replace was removed; now it's derived from the wildcards for searching
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Crash when the file is locked by another process and reloaded
  - When loaded a file no cell was selected sometime
  - Merging two columns could lost cell selection
  - Pasting xml data with more than one row in the element
  - Searching for a table name in a selected area when the selected area are whole rows inside the table
  - Replacing a text which repeats in the same cell
  - Typing over selected text which ends by a new line character in a text editor

19.11.2018 - version 1.0.1811.39156

Bugs fixed:
  - Several bugs in cell focus or cell selection when moving by a keyboard
  - Several bugs with namespaces
  - Element's white space value in the "empty" element must be considered as text
  - Flickering using mouse wheel
  - Searching for a table name
  - Masking \t,\r,\n by an additional backslash

24.10.2018 - version 1.0.1810.49077

  - Paste column headings
  - Insert/Append table
  - Fill column by ordinal numbers
  - Display the last page and not only last few lines if xml is not well-formed and it's switched to text
Bugs fixed:
  - Paste xml data over cell destroyed collapsed tables on the same level (ugly bug - get the latest version!)
  - Element appended behind a table was added after the first table's row instead after the last table's row
  - Jump to the cell after loading didn's set correct grid page rarely

14.10.2018 - version 1.0.1810.28783

  - Alt + Cursor key in a table will find first different value type; if nothing find do nothing (can be used to find empty values in the column)
  - Possibility to remove registration
  - Faster "replace all" in the text editor
  - Waiting cursor when Undo and Redo is processing

04.09.2018 - version 1.0.1809.9081

  - Release the first version (1.0.1809.9081)


Originally I was looking for some xml editor which would be able to do several simple tasks:
- display xml data in tables (data grid view)
- be able to select several cells or rows in a table and copy their values to an external editor
- then paste modified values back to the table over old values or add them in new rows
- searching and replacing texts (ideally using wild cards) over elements and values in tables

Surprisingly there were only a few editors which display xml data in tables. And in this small set I didn't find any free (or cheap) editor which was able to fulfil my requirements (the professional ones were quite expensive because they contain many additional functions for transformations and other stuffs which I didn't need).
Thus I started to develop an editor to make my work easier. Now it saves me time when I need to view or edit some xml file.