03.01.2019 - version 1.0.1901.7140

  - Find and Modify function
  - New general setting 'Automatically adapt columns after expand/collapse'
  - When merging two columns the empty cells in the merged column are removed
  - Comment value is now considered also as value when searching
  - Checkbox for using wildcards in replace was removed; now it's derived from the wildcards for searching
  - Documentation updated
Bugs fixed:
  - Crash when the file is locked by another process and reloaded.
  - When loaded a file no cell was selected sometime.
  - Merging two columns could lost cell selection.
  - Pasting xml data with more than one row in the element.
  - Searching for a table name in a selected area when the selected area are whole rows inside the table.
  - Replacing a text which repeats in the same cell.
  - Typing over selected text which ends by a new line character in a text editor.

19.11.2018 - version 1.0.1811.39156

Bugs fixed:
  - Several bugs in cell focus or cell selection when moving by a keyboard
  - Several bugs with namespaces
  - Element's white space value in the "empty" element must be considered as text
  - Flickering using mouse wheel
  - Searching for a table name
  - Masking \t,\r,\n by an additional backslash

24.10.2018 - version 1.0.1810.49077

  - Paste column headings
  - Insert/Append table
  - Fill column by ordinal numbers
  - Display the last page and not only last few lines if xml is not well-formed and it's switched to text
Bugs fixed:
  - Paste xml data over cell destroyed collapsed tables on the same level (ugly bug - get the latest version!)
  - Element appended behind a table was added after the first table's row instead after the last table's row
  - Jump to the cell after loading didn's set correct grid page rarely

14.10.2018 - version 1.0.1810.28783

  - Alt + Cursor key in a table will find first different value type; if nothing find do nothing (can be used to find empty values in the column)
  - Possibility to remove registration
  - Faster "replace all" in the text editor
  - Waiting cursor when Undo and Redo is processing

04.09.2018 - version 1.0.1809.9081

  - Release the first version (1.0.1809.9081)


Originally I was looking for some xml editor which would be able to do several simple tasks:
- display xml data in tables (data grid view)
- be able to select several cells or rows in a table and copy their values to an external editor
- then paste modified values back to the table over old values or add them in new rows
- searching and replacing texts (ideally using wild cards) over elements and values in tables

Surprisingly there were only a few editors which display xml data in tables. And in this small set I didn't find any free (or cheap) editor which was able to fulfil my requirements (the professional ones were quite expensive because they contain many additional functions for transformations and other stuffs which I didn't need).
Thus I started to develop an editor to make my work easier. Now it saves me time when I need to view or edit some xml file.