This section should demonstrate several common tasks which can be done in XiMpLe with a minimal effort.
For more information please see the user's guide which is available in the section download.

Example 1. Copy texts from a simple xml table to Excel
Example 2. Adding new rows prepared in Excel to the XML table
Example 3. Copy a part of an xml document to some other place
Example 4. Manipulate data nested inside a structure
Example 5. Create a table from csv file
Example 6. Remove table rows matching some criteria
Example 7. Split a bigger xml file then join fragments together

3. Copy a part of an xml document to some other place

It’s possible to select a part of xml data, copy it and paste to another place in the same or other document. We are going to copy a table in this example but it could be anything we can select...
Select some xml object (table) and copy it to clipboard

...and paste it somewhere. For instance inside the table on the place of a “Comment” element on the 3rd row:
Paste an xml object to some place

And the same picture once more time after we expand a table "data" in the "Comment" column.
Result after expanding

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